Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 29

Here's the week 29 picture…..belly belly belly!!!  Wow!  I’ve gained 7 pounds now.  I’m starting to feel her move a lot more and she’s a pusher.  Sometimes I feel like she’s going to push right out of my stomach like that scene in Alien! LOL! 

Steve finished the room over the holiday weekend.  The chair rail is up and the quarter round has been put back down so now we just need to touch up a couple of spots, clean, and find some shades.  Then curtains and get the crib and dresser.  I’ve washed all of the clothes we’ve received so far so I need to get those organized and in the closet.  Here are the pictures of the room with the chair rail up - the color pink will show up in the bedding we picked and in other accents in the room:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 28

7 months!!  Provided she needs to bake the entire time, only 3 months left until she’s done!  Today was our 28 weeks doctor appointment.  Everything went well.  It was the normal weight, measurements, and listening to her heartbeat.  The results of my glucose test were good – no concerns.  Dr. Kil said I “look great” and am having a “textbook” pregnancy J  So far everything’s been great.

My friend Kathy ended up going into labor over the weekend.  Her little girl was born 4 weeks early but mother and baby are doing well.  Quinn Kelly is her name and she’s currently in the NICU awaiting some test results but positive thoughts and she will get to go home tomorrow.  They thought she had an infection but it doesn’t seem it’s the case right now and everything is looking good thus far so cross your fingers for them!

This past weekend Steve and I participated in the 5th Annual Some Gave All Memorial motorcycle ride.  The ride began at Spotsylvania High School and ended at King George High School.  The ride is in memory of all who serve but is specifically geared towards the remembrance of Sgt. Nick Mason from King George and Sgt. Joshua Frazier from Spotsylvania.  Both Mason and Frazier lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  Mason was a King George native who was a member of the fire department with Steve and I and Nick’s father is the clerk of the courts for King George County.  Having known Nick and his family personally and being the person who gave Nick’s “last call” for the fire department over the radio for his funeral, I feel privileged to have participated in this event for a second year in a row.  There were over 1300 bikes in the ride and the double file lines stretched for 7 miles from Spotsy to KG.  It was also great to see the support of people who don’t have motorcycles standing on the side of the road to watch the event.  Visit http://www.somegaveall.org/ for more information about Some Gave All if you are interested. 

Riding at 7 months pregnant wasn’t bad.  If I had been any bigger I would not have been able to ride though…LOL….here are some pics from that event:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Failed to mention....

I failed to mention in my post last night that this past Thursday ended an era for me....after oh about 18 years I had to take the belly button ring out!  I tried to keep it in as long as I could but while I was getting stuff together for our weekend trip I snagged it.  It hurt really bad! LOL!  I made Steve come and take it out ASAP.  I knew the day would come but I was trying to hold out as long as I could.  Steve also makes fun of my belly button now because it's getting shallow.  I hope it doesn't pop out!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 27

Here’s the week 27 picture….I feel like she is really sticking out there now!  I’ve gained 6 lbs total as of today.  Our next appointment is next week – Tuesday.  This week I have to go and do the glucose test…ugh…I’m not looking forward to that but I plan to go up first thing in the morning and get it done and over with.

Monday was our 13 year anniversary so Steve and I decided to take a long weekend and head to Nags Head.  We were down there from Friday – Monday and had beautiful weather!  We hung out on the beach (and yes…I wore my bikini J) and did some nature walking in Duck and Roanoke Island.  It was very relaxing and nice to get away.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

Over the past week we’ve started to get a few presents…yay…so exciting!  Steve’s parents bought us the stroller we registered for (A HUGE THANK YOU!!!), my friend from work, who is also expecting, got a couple of duplicate gifts at her shower and passed on a diaper genie and some cute little girl items, and another friend from work gave us some really cute outfits.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 26

6.5 months…wow time has flown!  Seems just a few weeks ago we found out I was pregnant….except for the protruding belly I now have!  It’s crazy to think that in 3 months she’ll be here!  Everything is still going well…no sickness, no cravings, no heartburn…nothing really.  I’ve been extremely lucky!  My good friend Kathy is due in about 5 weeks left and the poor thing has been miserable for the past few months.  I really feel for her. 

We’re not any closer to picking a name…still the same list and nothing solid but we have some time.  We are still working on the room….there have been too many nice days and other stuff to do but I told Steve he needs to finish it up soon so he can have all summer to ride his bike before she gets here.  J  Here are a couple more pictures of the room with the trim painted….

Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 25

I’m a day early posting because I have to work tomorrow night and Wednesday night so I figured earlier is better J  Not too much happening other than my belly growing and growing and growing.  As of Saturday I’m up to a total of 4 lbs gained total.  She’s moving a little more but luckily she’s not hurting me….yet.  This past weekend we chose to skip the Spring Richmond race for the first time in ohhh about 5 years…that felt a little strange.  The room is about 90% complete.  We need to paint the trim and put up the chair rail.  Should be done soon!  Here are a couple of pictures….