Monday, December 12, 2011

4 months old!

Sydney is 4 months old today and over the past week she’s been busy!
Sydney visited Santa on December 3rd.  Pratt Medical Center (where Mom works) holds a Santa party each year for employees and their children/grandchildren.  Mom signed us up, which I was thankful for so we did not have to fight the line at the mall, and she got Sydney a pretty dress to wear.  Santa arrived, read a story, and the kids got to go up and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Sienna (my niece) was with us and she told Santa what she wanted (nail polish) and then it was Sydney’s turn.  Sydney was hot, hungry, and tired so she was not happy about hanging out with Santa…LOL…here’s a picture of her visit:

On December 9th, we went to Cranial Technologies for an appointment for pictures of Sydney’s head so her DOC Band could be made.  We spent about an hour there and they took several sets of pictures.  Although the attempt was made, the pictures were not good enough for making the band.  They said if the pictures aren’t precise, the band may not fit well and cause irritation.  Her head control is better than it was but needs to get a little better so she doesn’t require so much assistance when they are taking the pictures.  We go back on January 6th to reattempt the pictures.  If all goes well at that appointment, we will go back on January 13th to get her band and then go back every week for adjustments until she no longer needs to wear it.
Today was Sydney’s 4 month pediatric appointment.  She is 24 in long (35 percentile), weighs 13lbs 2.6 oz (45 percentile), and her head is measuring 44.75 cm (98 percentile – this is usual for her).  Her pediatrician says she is growing right on track and she looks good!  She got two shots and an oral vaccine today.  Here’s us at the pediatrician’s office..she was sooo sleepy:

Here’s a comparison of how big she has gotten….the picture on the top is from her first doctor visit the one below it is from today: