Wednesday, June 12, 2013

22 months!

Sydney is 22 months old today!  I almost can’t believe that I’m actually posting on the day (since I’m usually a tad late with this).  And, I almost can’t believe that in 2 months she will be 2!!
She really didn't want me taking her picture this afternoon!

This past month was another one that just flew by!  It might have had something to do with Steve and I going on vacation to Jamaica to celebrate our 15 year anniversary and a close friend’s wedding!  Sydney stayed with Granny while we were gone and had a blast I’m sure.  We Face Timed with her every other day or so and she would say hi then go back to playing…LOL…I guess she missed us a little bit.  While at Granny’s she did use her potty once (that I know of) so that was good.  Since we’ve been back she has asked me once to use the potty (and she actually used it) so I think it’s time to start stepping up the potty training!
I know this blog is about Sydney but I had to share this picture I took in Jamaica :)

It’s been hot here the past few weeks.  We got Sydney a small pool to put on the deck so she can play in it while I sit out there with her.  She absolutely loves it!  She sure is a water baby!
Water Baby!!!

Our friends that got married while in Jamaica with us held a reception this past weekend and Sydney was a dancing fool there!  She certainly is a social butterfly!

We went to PT Monday and the therapist said Sydney is looking really good!  She said for us to keep using the TOT collar but scale back the amount of time it is on and to come back to PT in 4 weeks for an assessment.  Cross your fingers that Sydney keeps looking good and we might be out of PT for her 2nd birthday!