Friday, September 23, 2011

6 Weeks Old

Not too much has happened since the last post…Sydney is just growing like a weed. J  We’ve scheduled the appointment with the pediatric neurologist for October 7th.  We have to go to the VCU medical campus in Richmond for the appointment.  Today was physical therapy and the therapist said that her left rotation is at about 80% (she needs to get to 90%) but it is a lot better than when we started taking her so that is positive feedback…yay!  Sydney got to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Basham this past week and spend time with them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

5 weeks old today...

This week Sydney had her 1 month check-up.  She weighs 9.08 oz and is 20.5 inches long.  We took her to get an x-ray of her neck just to make sure there are not any issues with her C-spine.  The doctor just wants to be sure that her Torticollis is the only problem and there isn’t something else going on with her neck.  The doctor also wants us to take her to a pediatric neurologist because her head is measuring in the upper 98% so it is slightly larger than it should be.  She wants to be able to rule out any problems with her cranium – and just be able to say Sydney’s got a big head J  Physical therapy and home stretching seem to be working well for her Torticollis. She slept through most of today’s appointment but the therapist was able to get good rotation and stretching while she was relaxed.  All of these doctors appointment as annoying but at least we are having all of this stuff checked and ruled out now.  The pediatrician also said she will probably have blue eyes, although they can still change, but they are light and definitely blue now.  Sydney got to meet her Uncle Stacey last night (although the slept most of the visit) and will get to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Basham in the next couple of days.

Sydney slept through her first two NFL games last Sunday but she represented Mommy and Daddy’s teams J

Friday, September 9, 2011

1 month!!

Sydney is one month old today!  She is becoming more alert when she’s awake and she is starting to stay awake longer.  Thankfully, she still has her days and nights straight so we are crossing our fingers she doesn’t change that on us!  She is taking 3 oz at each feeding and is sleeping in 4 hour stretches.  Although, last night she slept all night – 7.5 hours!  I know it’s a fluke at this age but it was nice!  Both Steve and I thought the other one had woke up with her in the middle of the night to feed her but nope, neither of us had.  She really slept that long!  We also overcame a hurdle today…napping in the crib!  She has taken short naps in her crib but today she slept about 3 hours and seems to be getting more used to being in there. J

Tuesday we took Sydney for an ultrasound of her hips (just to make sure nothing was wrong with them since she was breech).  She did really well for the ultrasound.  Her pediatrician’s office called Wednesday with the results and said that everything looked fine for both hips!  Yay!  Knowing that everything is okay with her hips, we can fully concentrate on correcting her Torticollis.  Today we went for PT for her Torticollis and the therapist said that her range of motion is getting better so we just need to keep working on her stretching and massages.  We’ll go to PT once a week until the therapist determines she can go see them less frequently.

There was no hurri-quake this week but it has been raining and thunder storming almost EVERY day/night.  Luckily, Sydney sleeps through anything (Steve ran the vacuum under her swing the other night and she didn’t even startle).  Some roads washed out headed towards Colonial Beach and Westmoreland due to the amount of rain but everything is okay on our end.

Steve went back to work this week but will be taking off again when his parents come for a visit in a couple of weeks.  Sydney has her 1 month pediatrician appointment next Wednesday.  Oh, and we set up a savings account for Sydney this week too…need to start saving for a car, college, wedding…etc... J 

I’m having trouble uploading pictures tonight so I’ll try again tomorrow....

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane, what?

21 days old today!!  So week 3 started off with a hurricane….in Sydney’s first 15 days of life she has experienced an earthquake, a severe thunderstorm, and a hurricane and she got to experience what it was like without power for almost 3 days.  The hurricane wasn’t too bad on us, we lost a pear tree but other than that no damage.  We lost power on Saturday and didn’t get it back until Monday evening.  Luckily we have a generator and the weather was in the mid 80’s so we didn’t suffer too much.

We took Sydney to visit my office in Alexandria Monday so everyone could see her.  Since it was a day after the hurricane and many people were still without power there weren’t too many people there but everyone that saw her said she was beautiful J and that she had soooo much hair…LOL.

Sydney had her 2 week pediatrician appointment Wednesday.  Everything was good.  She weighed 8 pounds and grew a ½ inch (according to them she was only 19 inches at her first appointment and she was 19.5 at this appointment).  She’s had some discharge from her eyes but the doctor said that it was probably a blocked tear duct and that happens every now and then with infants and should go away.

Today was her second physical therapy appointment.  The physical therapist said she can see an improvement in her range of motion since last week.  We need to keep up the stretching exercises and she showed us some massage techniques to use on her muscle too.  We need to be conscious about giving her tummy time so that the pressure on the back of her head (when they lay on their back) can be relieved and try to correct the small flat spot she has on the right side.  This is what happened the other day at tummy time…