Monday, May 13, 2013

Beach Girl & Caterpillar Uh-Oh

21 months!

This month has flown by!  We went on our first family beach trip of the year to Nags Head.  Sydney loved the water even thou it was REALLY chilly!!  She wanted to run into the waves the entire time we were at the ocean.  We also saw the wild horses and visited the aquarium.  Sydney liked looking at the fish.

We also took part in the Fredericksburg Walk for MS this past month.  It’s a 3 mile walk around downtown Fredericksburg and money raised goes towards MS research.  Sydney kicked back and enjoyed the stroller ride J
The warm weather has brought out caterpillars and Sydney has discovered them.  She laughs like a silly person when she tries to “pet” them.  It is hysterical!

Sydney also LOVES her Daddy's bike....Harley Girl!
I have some videos I'll try to post separate from this post.
PT is still at every two weeks and no real changes yet.  We’ll just keep working on it.