Monday, December 23, 2013

2 years + 4 months

Gosh, you think I’d know I’m supposed to post something every month…I mean it is only once a month!  Sorry for the lateness!  Didn’t realize I hadn’t posted until I looked at the Blog myself, oops! 

Looks like I left off at Halloween… then came Thanksgiving.  We had dinner at my mom’s and Sydney helped me bake cookies to take with us.  She LOVES helping in the kitchen:

We visited Santa this year.  Sydney was not a fan of him.  She didn’t want to sit near him or look at him.  She did tell him she wanted a dog (that is because they were giving stuffed dogs as gifts after the children were done with Santa)….LOL…

We decorated our trees…yes, treeS.  I got Sydney her own tree she could decorate and have by her chair in the living room.  She would only help put two ornaments on the family tree this year.  The top left ornament is her fist hand-made one…..

She’s received a few presents to open before Christmas this year and she is soooooo excited about them! Christmas morning is going to be fun!

Isn’t she precious in this picture!  She loved looking at and playing with the lights.

We also baked some sugar cookies together…or cookie “shapes” as she calls them….

Other than getting ready for Christmas we’ve just been doing the normal things.  This past weekend was the last weekend of soccer.  I think we are going to try out gymnastics in January; time for a little change to see how she likes a different sport.

I’m sure I’ll have more to share about Christmas!  Until then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!