Saturday, August 31, 2013

PT is.....

OVER…oh I mean, over J  We took Sydney to PT this past Wednesday and she was released with exception.  The exception being that I call in about 6 weeks and let them know if we feel she needs to come back in for more therapy or if we feel she is remaining in mid-line most of the time and isn’t having any troubles with activities. 

The therapist said that she could go either way with our situation.  She said that there are things that can still be worked on in PT BUT it would have to be more aggressive (like 4-5 days a week) to make an impact.  Sydney continues to have a 2-8 degree tilt and tilts more when she’s tired.  She also has a slight bit of muscle weakness on her right side.  These are things we will continue to work on at home just as we have been doing.  Since we have Sydney enrolled in physical activities (soccer and kindermusic) the therapist said that should help with building her muscles so she was comfortable with us continuing with our “home” program and discontinuing going to PT but to call and let her know how she was doing.  So, unless something drastic changes between now and 6 weeks from now, we consider ourselves released!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Whole Years!

Sydney turned 2 this past Monday!  Time has flown by!!
This past Saturday we had Sydney’s birthday party….it was train themed of courseJ!  We had a “food train” with a Thomas cake as the engine and RR themed cake pops as part of the caboose.  Each car of the train held a different food item.  The goody bags for the kids had a Thomas cup, train whistle, Thomas crayons, Thomas doodle pad, silly straws, glow in the dark bracelets, and a train shaped cookie cutter. 

Sydney actually opened her gifts herself this year!  She liked tearing into the paper but didn’t like it so much when the paper went everywhere (she’s a little OCD like her mom and Granny).  She’s been playing with all of her new stuff ever since she opened her gifts!  She was really shocked and excited when she saw that she got a big ride on Thomas! 
Today was her 2 year well check.  She weighs 28 lbs 10 oz (near 75 percentile), she is 34” tall (near 50 percentile), and her head measures 51.5 cm (upper 98 percentile – which is normal for her).  The doctor said that Sydney looks good and is really ahead in her skills (she speaks well for her age, she can recognize certain shapes, she can pick out colors).  The doctor said that based on her current skill level she feels that we have one smart cookie on our hands!!
Our next PT appointment isn’t for two weeks so I’ll update once that happens.  Hopefully it will be out last monthly visit J
We signed Sydney up for Lil Kickers (soccer) at Fredericksburg Field House.  She goes every Saturday morning for about an hour and she loves it!  She loves being with the other kids and running around the field.  They play age appropriate games that teach listening skills, colors, and basic soccer skills like kicking and waddling (dribbling).  I’ve also signed her up for Kindermusic and Tumbling.  She doesn’t start that until September but I think she’s going to enjoy it.  She loves music and loves to dance too.