Friday, January 25, 2013

17 month pic & Snow day

It has FINALLY snowed up here!  We got about 4 inches yesterday and a dusting today.

She was not happy about the face plant she did into the snow!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas & 17 months

I’m only a few days weeks late posting this but we’ve been busy trying to get back to some normalcy with the holidays, Steve being off on vacation, Steve and my birthday, and me having the flu (yay!).  Christmas was a bit of a marathon.  Sydney would open a gift or two then want to go play with her Santa gifts (her power wheels trike and bean bag).  Then she would come back for another gift and the cycle would start all over again.  We Skyped with the Basham’s in the morning then Sydney took a nap and I cleaned up all the paper from gift opening and when she got up from her nap we Skyped with the Rhody’s and started the opening process all over again.  Hopefully next year she’ll be a bit more into tearing up the paper and really getting into her gifts.  We went to moms for Christmas #2 and Christmas dinner.  Sydney was showered with love and gifts from all as usual…she is a lucky girl!
Sydney is walking allllll over the place…it’s hard to believe that only a couple months ago she was so unsteady on her feet!  She is still on the once a month PT schedule so our next appointment isn’t until next Tuesday.  Hopefully she’ll have more progress since her walking has really taken off.  She is talking a little bit more here and there…her favorite words are uh-oh, cat, dog, car, socks, up…there are a few more but those are the ones we can make out .

Pictures aren't uploading tonight....I'll try again tomorrow.