Saturday, October 29, 2011

2.5 months!

Last weekend we took Sydney to the ocean.  We went to Nags Head for the weekend and it was a nice get-a-way.  The weather was good, a little windy but sunny.  We took Sydney to see the ocean and got some pictures J  She spent most of her vacation napping though…LOL

I went back to work this week.  I plan to only work about 2 days a week for now.  Even though I am commuting to Northern Virginia for work it’s not too terribly bad since I’m riding with a couple of people when I can.  We’ll see how it goes….Sydney is staying with a babysitter those two days.  Our babysitter is local and we’ve known her for years.  Sydney is the only infant she watches.  She has a few other toddlers and a few school aged kids she puts on or gets off of the bus each afternoon.  She is so excited to have a baby to babysit!

We have an appointment on November 3rd at Cranial Technologies for Sydney’s head shape evaluation.  They said they will determine at that appointment if she needs a DOC Band.  If so, we’ll go back to have all her measurements taken then go back again to get her band once it’s been made.  From there we’ll have to go either once a week or once every two weeks to have the band adjusted for a period of 2-4 months.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

9.5 Weeks Old

Yesterday was Sydney’s 2 month pediatric appointment.  She is 22.5 inches and weighs 10 lbs 15 oz!  She sure is a growing girl!!!  She got two shots and an oral vaccine yesterday.  She was not a happy camper about the shots but she only cried for a few minutes.  Her head is still measuring in the 98% but as long as it stays in that range everything should be good.  The pediatrician did recommend that we take her for an evaluation to possibly get a DOC Band to treat her plagiocephaly (her head is flat on one side b/c of her torticollis).  We are going to do some research on this and maybe go to Cranial Technologies in Annandale, VA to have the evaluation done (if you want to read more about plagiocephaly visit, ).  We are going to Nags Head this weekend and it will be Sydney’s first trip to the beach…we can’t wait to take her and get some pictures!!

She has found her thumb and is quite fond of it…. J

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 months old!!

Here are some pictures we took yesterday on Sydney's 2 month birthday!  She was not into smiling yesterday...LOL

Friday, October 7, 2011

8 Weeks old

Since I last blogged Sydney has really started to hold her head up.  If she is sitting on my lap, she’ll hold her head up on her own without any support from my hands.  The really good part about this is that when she holds her head up she holds it in midline.  This means therapy and stretching are doing really well!  Today was her appointment with the pediatric neurosurgeon at VCU in Richmond.  Dr. Tye was extremely nice and said that her large head is the result of familial macrocephaly….meaning both her father and mother have large noggins!  He measured her head circumference as well Steve’s and my head.  Dr. Tye said as long as her soft spot feels normal and her Torticollis doesn’t get worse he doesn’t see any reason to be alarmed about the size of her head and will not need to see her again.  Sydney has literally been checked head-to-toe now!  I’m going to post her “monthly” pictures on or around the 12th of each month so I’ll post a new one next week but here is a picture of her all smiles J