Saturday, November 15, 2014

3 + some....

It’s been a while since I posted….it seems like every time I was going to post about something I decided to wait until after the next event so I could tell you about that and it just seems like I never got back to posting!

We had Sydney’s 3 year pictures done down at Fairview since she loves the water.  Here are a few of those:


Sydney’s birthday party this year was Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed.  She had life size Mickey and Minnie balloons along with a Minnie cake.  She loved all of her gifts and enjoyed everyone being around for her party.  We played in the sprinkler and on the slip in slide too.


We took our annual family OBX trip a couple of weeks after her birthday.  It seems like we go to OBX often, and we do, but we decided that every year around her birthday we will always plan to go there.  That way it will be a family tradition.  We also went back in September too J and Granny came down for a few days!


At the beginning of October Sydney finally decided she was done with diapers….YAY!  We’ve been diaper free since!!

The pumpkin patch was an adventure this year.  She loved all of the rides (even rode on a horse) except when it came time to pick pumpkins Sydney told us that every pumpkin was too “heavier” and she would just drop the pumpkin…hahahah.  We got her a few small ones.  She also went to the pumpkin patch with one of her babysitters. 

Sydney dressed up as Skye from PAW Patrol this year.  She loves that cartoon and all of the pups.  We went trick or treating around Fairview and she was tired after about 15 houses!  She got a lot of candy and was really excited when she got to help hand out candy at Granny’s house.

We took a ride to the mountains a week or so ago.  Sydney wanted to see snow but instead we saw pretty leaves and a few deer.  She’s obsessed with snow and can’t wait until she can play in it!

Christmas is fast approaching……here are some things that she likes if you need/want any ideas:

She likes to play dress up (dresses, shoes, jewelry)

Barbie (she only has one Barbie currently)

Barbie accessories

Roller skates (the grow with me kind)

Helmet/pads for bike/roller skates

Wooden Thomas the Train tracks

Nerf guns/ammo

Jump rope

Anything PAW Patrol (we have already bought her the Look Out Tower and On-A-Roll Marshall for Christmas)

Loving Family Doll House accessories (she has these sets:  Family Room, Parents Bedroom, Convertible, Dining Room, and Laundry Room)

Hooded Bath Towels

Clothes – size 4T

Shoes – size 7

DVDs (any Disney movie)