Monday, February 20, 2012

Sydney 6 mo. & Family Pix

We took Sydney to get her 6 month pictures and our family pictures today. Here are some of them :)
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Monday, February 13, 2012

6 month check-up

Today was Sydney’s 6 month well baby check-up.  She weighs 15.6 lbs (49%), is 25.5 in long (26%), and her head measures 45 cm (99% - this is normal for her).  The test results came back from her spots and she had a staph infection.  The pediatrician said that staph lives basically everywhere (in the nose and on the skin) and it could have been as simple as her helmet rubbed a small spot on her scalp and the bacteria got into the wound and caused the infection.  Sounds yucky and scary but she assured us it was fairly “common”.  The spots are going away with the prescribed ointment and we will continue that treatment through Saturday to make sure the bumps stay away. I’ll call Cranial Technologies tomorrow and try to schedule Sydney’s imaging appointment for next week. 
The pediatrician said Sydney is healthy otherwise but we’ll need to watch her gross motor skill development [these skill aren’t as developed as they should be (she’s not rolling over or sitting up on her own yet) due to her large head and torticollis].  She said now that Sydney is 6 months old we should begin to introduce cereals and stage one foods into her diet.  We tried oatmeal tonight (we tried rice cereal a few times before and she wasn’t a big fan of it) and she seemed to like it – she was at least opening her mouth for the spoon J.  We’ll try oatmeal a few more times then move on to fruits and veggies.  Sydney got a couple of shots today in her chunky thighs – she did not like that one bit!  She’ll go back in a month for her Flu booster then we’ll go back in May for her 9 month check-up.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sydney laughing at Alley

6 months old!

Sydney is 6 months old today!  She's doing great at holding her head up and she is quite fond of her feet now.  Here is her 6 month picture:

Yesterday (Saturday) Steve, Sydney and I rode to Roanoke to see Steve’s mom.  Jean came into town for a few days to visit with her brother and sister – she rode up from Florida with Chrissy (she’s visiting her boyfriend at VMI).  Sydney got to meet her great uncle, great aunts, and cousins
Tomorrow is Sydney’s 6 month well baby check-up.  The pediatrician will also look at her spots, which seem to be going away (crossing our fingers).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Follow up appointment

Today was Sydney’s appointment to follow up on her rash.  Her pediatrician said that since some of the bumps had pustules on them, she wanted to make sure there was not a fungus or bacterial infection so she took a swab from one of her spots to send off for tests.  She prescribed an anti-fungal ointment to use on her spots just in case there was something going on.  The pediatrician said that the bacterial swab should come back in a day or two but the fungal one may take a few weeks.  She did not seem concerned about the rash being contagious.  We go back on Monday for Sydney’s 6mo well baby so we will follow up with her then on the status of the rash. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

On the road again...

Today we took Sydney to Annandale to see if she could get her band back….well there were a couple of issues…her major bumps have started to clear up (yay) but now she is starting to get smaller red bumps (boo).  Now that we have stopped using the cream the pediatrician prescribed it seems the bumps are slowly returning.  The bumps are on her scalp and sometimes on her back and around her neck.  I’ve changed laundry detergent and bath soap and when she’s home she’s only in a diaper and it doesn’t seem to have helped much. 
Although there were a few bumps, the technician said she would try to fit and adjust the band so we could bring it home with us and put it on when the bumps disappear but it turns out Sydney’s head has grown rapidly and the band is fitting too snug.  Normally this would be a good thing but it also means that once adjustments are made, there won’t be much foam on the inside and the band will not last long enuff to make progress on shaping the head before another band would be needed.  So here’s the new plan:  I made Sydney an appointment with her pediatrician Wednesday morning to see what can be done about her rash (the pediatrician who saw her for the rash wasn’t her primary doctor).  Once the pediatrician has given us a treatment plan we will call Cranial Technologies and provide an update to them.  But basically we are going to have to start over with the band once her skin issue has been taken care of.  We will ultimately have to take Sydney to get new images and a new band will have to be made.

Friday, February 3, 2012

DOC Band Follow-up

We made the trip to Annandale on Tuesday just to be asked to come back today.  Sydney still had redness and one of her bumps had a white-head.  The technician said she didn’t want to chance popping the white-head by putting the band on.  Sooooo today we made the trip just to be told that we need to come back Monday – this time because the bump that had the white-head now had a small scab and is raised a bit.  One of the other bumps now has a white-head too.  We are still using the cream the pediatrician prescribed so hopefully by Monday the bumps will be healed enough to get the band fitted and at least be able to come home with it but we shall see…..stay tuned.