Monday, October 14, 2013

2 years + 2 months

Not too many exciting things happened this month, just regular day to day activities really.  The entire Basham house did get hit with sinus infections…that was a good time…LOL.  Here’s her 2 year + 2 month picture:

Did you know there are only 71 days until Christmas!  WHAT?!?!?! I’m starting to plan for shopping sooooooo I started putting together Sydney’s list.  Here is a generic list and I’ll create Target/Toys R Us lists and post the links to those soon.  As you can see there is not any Thomas stuff on here....she has soooo many Thomas things I'd like to get her some other toys :)

Baby dolls
Baby doll accessories (stroller, clothes, etc)
Elmo toys (she only has Elmo books)
Fireman Sam books/toys/movies (her current #1 TV show)
Mike the Knight books/toys/movies (her current #2 TV show)
Color Wonder paper/coloring books
Twist Crayons
3T/4T Shirts
2T/3T pants
5.5 (or larger) shoes
Jammies with firetrucks
Mickey/Minnie (she prefers Minnie but likes both mice) Mouse toys/books
Any Disney movies
Play food
Tea party set
iTunes gift card (for aps on the ipad)
Full size sheet sets