Friday, March 23, 2012

Band Update

Had Sidney's band appt today to see if we could get her band back. Well it looks like we will be getting a 3rd band....we need to wait until her skin is totally good...not dry skin...and then we'll start all over a week or 2 potentially.

Monday, March 19, 2012

On the road again....

Well...had to head to Cranial Tech today. Sydney's red spot didn't get any better over the weekend. While we were at the appointment the spot opened up sooooooo we have to wait until Friday to see if it has gone away.
They kept her no wearing the helmet until at least Friday.

This is what the spot looked liked this morning. It's because the helmet rubs her prominent point...

Friday, March 16, 2012

7 months & DOC Band update....

Sydney’s 7 months old!  Before we know it we’ll be planning her 1st birthday party!
Sydney’s had her band on for two weeks now.  She’s been doing well with it and she hasn’t been getting too hot like last time…must help that we’ve had the AC on b/c of the CRAZY March weather!  She doesn’t mind the band at all.  She does have one spot on her head where the band rubs a bit but due to how her head is shaped but until her head shifts some more, we’ll just have to watch that spot. 
This week Sydney got her flu booster shot and she only cried for a few seconds.  She’s still enjoying eating solid (pureed) food although green beans and peas aren’t a real hit she will eat them.  Her new thing is to sleep on her side – even in her swing! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New DOC Band

Yesterday was our appointment to get Sydney’s new DOC Band and we got it!  We’ve had to start the whole process over with taking the band off every couple of hours and checking for red spots and working our way up to her keeping the band on 23 hours a day.  Since we had so much trouble before with her being so hot natured, we’ll have to take her band off every few hours to wipe the band down and dry her hair if she’s been sweating.  Hopefully we’ll see progress soon!!!
Sydney has been eating solids like crazy!  She LOVES peaches and pretty much any other Stage 1 food we’ve tried.  She’s not a big fan of green beans but she will eat them….just not as quick as other veggies or fruits. She gobbles up her fruit and veggies mixed in with her oatmeal and sits in her high chair like a big girl!