Thursday, December 13, 2012

16 months!

I waited until today to post Sydney’s 16 month update because she had her monthly PT appointment today but I’ll get to that in a bit.  At Sydney’s 15 month well-baby, the doctor discovered that she had an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.  Well, after 5 days on amoxicillin, the cold/cough that she also had was not getting any better and we weren’t even sure how to know if her ear infection was any better since we never knew she had one until the doctor checked her ears.  I called and got her an appointment the day before thanksgiving just to check her out.  The doctor said that her ear was still slightly red and checked her for flu, RSV, and Whooping cough just to rule everything out.  All tests came back negative so he prescribed her a different antibiotic, erythromycin.  Welllll…….Thanksgiving morning, Sydney woke up with a rash on her legs and torso.  As the day went on her rash got worse and her lip was starting to swell so we took her to the ER to get checked out.  The ER doctor said that she had an allergic reaction to one (or both) of the antibiotics.  We were able to make it to moms in time for Thanksgiving dinner J  Sydney was speckled for a few days but with the steroid he prescribed everything has cleared up.  Here’s her speckled look and first hospital visit picture:

Sydney visited with Santa last weekend and she was super excited about it!

Today was Sydney’s monthly PT appointment.  She is holding pretty steady with a slight tilt still.  We have to be diligent with using her TOT Collar and focusing on her using both sides of her body equally (stepping up with both the left and right leg – she tends to use the right leg more) but at this point the tilt is more habit than anything else.  Her neck muscles weren’t tight and she has good range of motion.
She is walking more and more every day and is starting to stand up on her own (instead of pulling up on everything).  Today she was able to show me where her nose is when I asked her!  Also, she doesn’t really bother the Christmas tree at all either so we are hoping that continues!  Here is her 16 month picture...I had this hat made for her, it's a Hippo :)