Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 33

The Bump is at the Beach!  Here’s the week 33 picture!  Only 7 more weeks!  We are in Nags Head this week for our final vacation before becoming parents!  Yes, we were in Nags Head about two weeks ago but we decided to come back for the last get-a-way before she gets here. 

We got some pink curtains for the nursery before we left.  Mom found them at Target and they look great!  I forgot to take pictures before we left the house but I will post them on next week’s blog.

Oh and my brother mentioned that I hadn’t been posting my weight and he was wondering if it were because it’s increased so much…LOL…no, it hasn’t.  I’m up to around 10 pounds gained so far.  Now that it’s hot out all of the time, I do notice that my feet swell every now and then when I’ve been out in the heat for a period of time.  That’s not so attractive but at least it’s happening towards the end of the pregnancy and won’t happen for too much longer J.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 32

8 months!!!!  Only a few more weeks to go (8 weeks if she bakes the entire time)!!  Since I was late posting the week 31 blog not much has happened since then.  We are back at work for a few days but will be leaving again 6/26/11 to go back to Nags Head for our last vacation before she arrives.

The gang at Steve’s work gave him a surprise baby shower today J  That was sooooo thoughtful of them!  They got us some great stuff and even started a piggy bank for her.  Here are some pictures from the shower.  Check out the cake – it was really cool!!

Steven opening gifts

Modeling the gift table

Her very own money alreay!

All the great stuff!

Miss Deputy Chief 9

Baby Girl Basham's first fire helmet - sooo cute and tasted good too!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 31

Here’s the week 31 picture!!  I’m a few days late posting but for a really good reason.  We left Tuesday and went to Nags Head for a few days…we just got back an hour or so ago.  We had our doctor visit Tuesday before we left.  The doctor said everything seems to be going “perfect” and we are right on target.  We go back on July 5th.  We asked if there was going to be another sonogram and there won’t be unless issues arise.  We mentioned to the doctor that we were leaving to go out of town for a few days and he had us request a copy of my chart to take with us “just in case” J That kind of put it into perspective that we’re almost near the end!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 30

Week 30!!!  Only 10 more weeks…eek! Seems like it is sooooo soon but I think we are approaching being ready!  The room is done with the exception of curtains.  I plan to go to the fabric store and get some pink fabric to make curtains and that will break up the green & brown a little bit.  Mom says the colors make her think it’s a boy room but I think once the curtains go up and we get some decorations on the wall it will look more girly.

Yesterday we got a huge surprise.  My mom met an old family friend, Decky Gilkerson, who also used to be my baby sitter and she gave us sooooooooooooooooooo much stuff!  I cannot begin to thank her enough!  This is just some of what she passed on: the bedding set we picked out, the lamp to match the bedding, bottles, clothes, diapers (she made a diaper cake), a high chair, a space saver high chair and much more!  This picture doesn’t show all the clothes but it is a pile of them!  I washed the bedding and made up the crib…and Cardy had to join in J.

Next week is my 31 week appointment and we are planning to go to Nags Head for a few days….trying to get the vacations in while we can.  It will be nice to get away again now that the room is done.  Maybe we’ll use that time to narrow down a name for Baby Girl Basham!  Oh and I think we will bring her home in one of these outfits...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Productive Weekend!!

This weekend was a really really productive weekend for working on the nursery!  Friday we went on a hunt for furniture.  We registered for a white crib and dresser from Babies R Us and I called around and not one store within 3 hours of us had the one we registered for or any others I saw I liked in stock.  Ordering it on-line would have cost soooo much more because of shipping.  We could have ordered it from the store but would’ve had to wait to have it delivered – up to 14 days –  and it would have cost more again because of shipping.  I really thought Babies R Us would have more in stock items like furniture.  So, we decided to go to Burlington Baby Depot to check out the furniture selection there again.  We decided on a set and asked if it was in stock…..it WAS! Yay!!  Although it’s not white, I really like what we picked.  The color is a dark brown.  The crib is a 4-n-1 so hopefully it will last until she’s a teenager J 

Saturday we shopped around for blinds and a rug.  We decided on cordless honeycomb blinds and a cream colored “shag” rug.  Today we got up early and Steve caulked the windows and trim while I touched up some of the trim and a couple of spots on the wall.  Steve hung the closet rod and mopped the floor.  We assembled the crib and got everything situated in the room.   Here’s some picture of the “finished” product….it won’t be totally finished until we get the crib set and some wall decorations but I’ll wait until after the baby shower to add accessories to the room.