Friday, May 25, 2012


to mention...packed away alllll the bottles today! Sydney loves drinking from her sippy cups! Yay!

6 Week Head Check

Today was our appointment for Sydney’s band check.  She’s doing great and everything looks good.  We asked the technician how much longer can we expect her to be in this band and her estimate is about 6 more weeks.  We will have to see how she progresses in the next 6 weeks before they determine if a second band would be beneficial.
PT is still going good but we haven’t been released to every other week yet.  Her numbers are looking better each week so we hope that she’ll cut us back soon J
Sydney is getting another tooth!  She now has the two front bottom ones poking through and the top left has poked through.  She’s refuses to let us really see her teeth…she puts her tongue in the way every time so at some point I’ll try to manage getting a picture of them…maybe when she’s asleep…LOL

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

9 months old!!

Sydney was 9 months old this past Saturday!!  I saved the blog until today because today was her 9 month check-up.  She is 27” tall (25th percentile), weighs 17lbs 11oz (50th percentile), and her head is measuring 47.5 cm (98th percentile – which is normal for her).  The pediatrician said that she’s developmentally on track for her age.  Sydney lovers her pediatrician…she “talked” to her the entire time she was in the room and she was mesmerized by her stethoscope.  Sydney got a finger prick today and two shots.  She didn’t cry for the finger prick or the first shot but the second shot made her fuss.  She was not happy!

The photo upload isn’t working so well tonight so I’ll try again tomorrow.
I should mention that we went for her band check this past Friday and things are still going great!  She’s had the band on 4 weeks today!!  Hopefully, only a month or so more!  Tomorrow is PT.  As long as Sydney’s numbers are good, we might get to cut PT back to every other week!!  I’ll keep you posted! J