Saturday, July 13, 2013

23 Months!

Not a lot has been going on this past month other than normal day-to-day activities.  We did take a trip to Nags Head at the end of June and Sydney really enjoyed the ocean!  One of our friends was also down there with her 2 yr old daughter and she and Sydney had a blast the day we met them at the beach. 
Sydney and Quinn at the Ocean

We didn’t do anything for the 4th of July…Sydney was in bed and asleep by 6!  She was dressed for the occasion that day thou!

On July 8th we went for Sydney’s monthly PT appointment and basically we go back in another month and hopefully get released.  She is doing really well except for when she is tired then her tilt is more noticeable.  Unfortunately she was sleepy around her appointment time so, of course, she was tilting a bit.  The therapist said that Sydney is finding midline thou so the tilt is more of a habit than a medical concern at this point.  We just need to keep working with her and hopefully next month, cross our fingers and toes, we get released….we shall see!

We almost have all of the details of her birthday party worked out…so more to come on that.  I have started her wish lists at Target (search under Nikki Basham) and Toys R Us (search under: Creator/Basham/VA) if anyone is interested.  She is obsessed with Thomas the Train and bubbles.  She loves to color and likes Elmo.  She also recently started taking interest in stickers.

Since she is sooooo obsessed with Thomas the Train (she wakes up asking for the choo-choo sometimes) we decided to get tickets to a Day out with Thomas on Strasburg Railroad in PA as her birthday gift from us.  We are going to spend a couple of days in PA in September and actually get to ride on Thomas the Train!  So, today we took Sydney to a railroad museum that is in Fredericksburg as a prelude to our trip.  She loved looking at all of the train stuff.  We got to ride a maintenance train out to the main tracks and see a CSX train go by.  Sydney loved seeing the train and hearing the whistle blow.  Hopefully she will love seeing Thomas in September and riding that train.