Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2 years + 5 months

Late again…I know, I know…

Christmas was a marathon!  It took Sydney over 3 hours to open her presents and it wasn’t because she had sooooo many!  She would open one then want to open that package and play with the toy/game/coloring book before she would even be interested in the other gifts.  Maybe next year she’ll get into the spirit and rip into everything!  She did enjoy her kitchen and guitar/microphone set that Santa left her!


We’ve had some snow here.  There was enuff to play in a little bit.  Sydney really liked being outside and playing in it.  They are calling for around 5 inches or more today too!

Sydney started gymnastics on Jan. 11.  Steve and I were out of town for our birthdays so Granny took her to her first lesson.  Granny said Sydney loved it.  She wasn’t able to get any pictures because it was hands on for both the kids and adults. 

For Steve’s birthday, Sydney sang him a little song:


That’s all for now!  Until February….and I’m sure that post will come after Valentine’s Day J