Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving dinner we went to my mom’s.  This year Sydney had formula for dinner…LOL…but next year she’ll be able to eat dinner with us!  Here are a couple of pictures of Mommy’s Little Turkey J

If anyone wants or needs ideas for Sydney for Christmas, I made a (short) list on Toys R Us.  The Wish List number is 31194032 or you can search by her or my name.  Most of the toys can be purchased elsewhere but I figured it was easier to make one list at Toys R Us.  She is wearing size 3mo clothes right now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

3 months old!

Not too much has been going on since the last blog post except that Sydney is continuously growing!!  Here are a couple of her 3 month pictures.  I wore this outfit when I was a baby.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween & Cranial Appointment

Since my last blog post Sydney has had a slight cold and I picked up strep somewhere…lucky us!  We are on the mend though, thank goodness!

We got Sydney a costume for Halloween….a peapod.  She wore it long enough to get a picture (which she would not smile for) and long enough for Granny to sport her around at her work where they dressed up too.  She also had a pink skeleton sleeper she slept in.  We tried to execute my grand idea of taking a picture of her IN a pumpkin…she was not happy about that scenario, but I think the pictures are priceless!

Today was her appointment at Cranial Technologies for her DOC Band evaluation.  The employees there were really nice and informative.  They first took several pictures at different angles of her head and measured different points on her head.  Then the pictures were discussed with us and we were told that Sydney has Brachycephaly with Plagiocephaly – basically her head is shaped some-what like a flat sided egg.  The clinician did recommend the DOC Band treatment for her.  We have to wait a few weeks for her head control to get better so they can take digital surface images of her head.  These images require her to be able to hold her head up on her own without bobbling.  The images will be used to make her DOC Band.  Once we have the digital surface images done, the DOC Band will be made and we’ll go back to have it put on.  She will have to wear the Band 23 hours a day.  We can take it off for baths, cleaning, and physical therapy.  We will have to travel to Annandale once a week for a period of 5-8 weeks to have the band adjusted.  The length of time she will have to wear the band depends on how rapidly her head grows and takes proper shape.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the status and if you want to read more go to

I would like to ask that everyone who reads my blog keep my best friend Danielle and her family in your prayers.  Danielle’s sister passed away Tuesday unexpectedly.