Sunday, March 17, 2013

19 months!

I’m a few days late on posting her 19 month update but I wanted to wait until I had something to show you J but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Sydney is allll over the place and into everything!  Her current favorite things are watching Thomas the Train (she dances to the theme song and calls it the “woo-woo” – kinda like a train whistle) and she loves to color….more so on the kitchen table than her paper but that’s okay, it comes off pretty easy since it’s just crayons.  She’s learning more and more words and her new favorites are cup and whoa…LOL.  We’ve not really pushed the potty training yet.  She likes to play with her potty seat but the drawers in the bathroom vanity are just much more exciting when she is in there.

She is back to PT every other week again.  We are seeing a new (old) physical therapist, Shannon, now.  I say old because this therapist is the first one we saw when Sydney started going to PT but she went out on maternity leave shortly after we began visits.  Now she’s back once a week and our normal therapist, Brianne, was booked solid so we ended up back with Shannon.  Shannon asked that we start bringing her back in every other week so she could monitor her a little more closely since she hasn’t seen her in a very long time.  Sydney is still holding steady in her measurements which is good and bad.  It means she’s not getting any worse but isn’t progressing either.  We still put her in her TOT collar too.  Hopefully we’ll be cut loose sooner rather than later.

This is why I was waiting to post the blog.  We got Sydney’s pictures done….it was supposed to be for her 18 mo b-day but things kept pushing the session out so it’s for her 19 mo b-day. J