Saturday, November 16, 2013

2 years + 3 months

I’m a few days late posting this month’s update….ooppssss! 

There was a BIG move in October!  We transitioned Sydney to a big girl bed!  She was so surprised when she saw her room.  We also moved all of her toys into the spare room so she has her own playroom (and mommy and daddy have their living room back!)

We visited the pumpkin patch in October too.  Sydney enjoyed riding the hay wagon and looking at all the pumpkins!


For Halloween Sydney was a pirate.  We only visited about 10 houses trick or treating but she enjoyed being out and walking around – especially since Granny was able to go with her.

Sydney is still in Lil Kickers.  She talks about going to soccer all week but when we get there she isn’t so sure about it…LOL.  She participates for most of the class but she also just likes to sit down and watch what’s going on.  This is how she likes to prepare to go to soccer:

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